Larry Goodman, LMFT

Individuals and Couples
Counseling and Psychotherapy

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #38345

42-525 Rancho Mirage Ln, Rancho Mirage ....


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Couples Counseling

I provide couples counseling, marriage and pre-marital counseling to deal with anger, frustration, a lack of intimacy, communication and divorce issues.  My office is in Rancho Mirage.  I see patients from Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indio and La Quinta and as far away as Murietta and Beaumont.  

The problems listed above are actually symptoms of underlying issues.  I help my patients understand how they learned to play their role in the relationship, how they adopted the beliefs, attitudes and behaviors of their parents, how much that has gotten in the way of having the relationship they want and I show them how to change.  In the process, they learn to beome their own person, letting go of the old beliefs and attitudes and finding their real strengths and desires.   

I offer a unique approach to couples counseling in which I see both parties  weekly in a joint session and, then, individually in their own session to reinforce growth.  I discard blame, guilt and fault which get in the way of positive change.  My focus is on the present, not the past or the future.  This helps the individuals and the couple deal with the issues that are troubling them.

I recommend and support stronger boundaries between couples that help invididuals in the relationship grow stronger while at the same time helping the other become more tolerant and understanding.  This can be an intense and difficult transition from how one has lived their life (usually in their parent's image) to becoming the person they are and want to be.


If I can help, please call me at:


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