Larry Goodman, LMFT

Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy
Couples Counseling

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #38345

42-525 Rancho Mirage Ln, Rancho Mirage


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How often will I come in for sessions?

That’s a good question. I have found that, in this work, just like trying to build strength or improve your golf game, you get better with more frequent sessions. That usually means weekly though, at times, there may be a need or desire to come in more often. Working on yourself less frequently than once a week doesn’t offer you the chance to make changes in your life; conversely, when you are in need, more frequent visits help you to get through a difficult period.

How long does it take?

This is difficult to predict. I ask clients to give the process at least 10 sessions for us to get to know each other and for the process to start making a difference, for you to see change. So you need to plan for that and not expect that you will be able to fix everything right away. You will begin to notice changes and it can get better after that.

Do you take insurance?

The answer to that question is complicated based on your situation. Insurance companies require a mental health disorder diagnosis to cover the costs of treatment. Many of my clients prefer to deal with their insurance companies on their own or not to submit my invoice receipts because they want to protect their personal information. There is no way I can guarantee the confidentiality of your personal information once it leaves our office. That is up to you. 

I am a provider for veterans and their families through TRICARE. For all other clients, I can provide you with an invoice receipt for my services, as an "out of network provider" and you can submit that to your insurance company for reimbursement.

How do I pay you?

I take cash, checks, and credit cards to pay for the session at the beginning of each session unless otherwise agreed to.

How do I reach you if I have to?

The best way to reach me is to call our office voicemail [760-766-1622] and leave a message. I will be notified that you left a message and get back to you as soon as I can. I am not available after 10:00 pm or before 7:00 am. If you have an emergency, you need to call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room. When in doubt, please act in your best interests and for your own safety. Where is your office? My office is located in Rancho Mirage in the Rancho Mirage Psychiatric Medical Center. The address is 42-525 Rancho Mirage Lane, about 1 block south of Highway 111 across from The River. The office is the first one on the left as you walk in the building. You do not need to check in at the receptionist desk. What other services do you provide? I offer counseling and therapy for children and teens. See my website, for more information., HotDoodle™ Custom Web Design and Quality Affordable Website Designers for Small Businesses and Professionals
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